How iCastMedia Works
  • Research


    • Who is your target audience?
    • Audience Size
    • Demographics
    • Interest
  • Define Success

    Define Success

    • What does a successful campaign will look like?
    • Do you want conversions, traffic, shares, or simply brand awareness?
    • Set your KPIs and goals from the beginning.
  • Win the Right Influencer

    Win the right influencer

    • How many followers do they have?
    • Is the target audience large enough for your brand?
    • How many return visitors do they have?
    • Do people engage with their social posts and comment on their blogs?
    • Check out their stats.
    • Review their posted work.
    • How long have they been a member?
  • Key Strategies

    Key Strategies

    • Determine what form of content should want
    • Determine what media to select Video, Social Competition, Podcast and Blog post?
    • Rules of engagement need to be clear. Be “honest and not misleading”.